Monday, November 28, 2011


Robert is a very talented and dedicated youngster. He enjoys painting,drawing and sculpting stuff out of clay. He also has a love for music. Yet, he always saves time for his friends, especially, his pet feline friend Kiddy. Robert is a 4th grader, who goes to school with all of the other kids who lives in his building. He lives with his grandmother, it's a full house when his two little twin cousins Trisha and Melisa visits. You can find Robert hanging out with all of his friends on the playground, at school, and sometimes down by the lake. He often clashes with the landlord of the building, whom the kids call 'Wicked Ruth Howell,' who has a female pet goat named Tahshi.


Kiddy was rescued by Robert, while stranded alone in a rowboat that was drifting on the lake. The cat followed him home, he fed him...and the rest is a story of a boy and his cat. Kiddy is a fun loving, ball of yarn playing, shirt wearing and adventurous kitty cat. Kiddy only eats people food and hates cat food. He doesn't like for little kids to pick him up, because he always feels that they'll do so by his eyeballs. Yarney is the name of Kiddy's ball of yarn, whom he thinks is his pet.

Mari Wilson

Mari Wilson is poetry in motion. No, seriously, she loves writing poetry and she's excellent at it. She is very smart, headstrong and sometimes very difficult to get along with, if you're not on the same page with her. However, this young poet, through the good times and bad times, she's the kind of friend that you always want by your side. Ping Fu is helplessly in love with her. She on the other hand, is focused on her craft in writing poems and her school work.

Trisha and Melisa

Trisha and Melisa are identical twins and Robert’s little cousins; he finds them annoying and at times pretty strange. Both are in the 2nd grade, they go to the same school (Victory Elementary School) as the the 4th graders. Trisha believes that the mailman lives inside the mailbox--she longs to the catch him coming out of his mailbox house with the mail, and see him before he delivers the mail. Melisa likes reading children books and loves it even more to have them read to her. Sometimes she reads to Trisha, who has many questions about what is being read to her.


Zaneah is a 4th grade cheerleader. She has always been very athletic all of her young life, she enjoys swimming and dancing. But cheerleading, she thinks it’s AWESOME! She loves the games, the sound of the referee blowing a whistle, the marching band, the tumbling ahead of the team, and the way the cool grass feels on the field. The only part of cheerleading that she doesn’t like is—sharing the spotlight with The Conceited Girls, they don’t much like her. Zaneah also has a cute little crush on Robert.

Hiney Rollpart

Hiney Rollpart’s dad is the Ice-Cream Man, this means, that during the summer he and his friends get free ice-cream every other day. But he has to be careful who he calls his friends, sometimes, kids will pretend to be his friend just to get some free ice-cream. It’s a difficult challenge knowing who your true friends are, but Hiney Rollpart never seems to have that problem, because his friends are the real deal. Oh, and Hiney likes pistachio ice-cream or anything made with pistachio.

Joe Gilbert

Joe Gilbert likes to wear mix match socks. He is Robert’s best friend since kindergarten. Joe Gilbert (his nickname is "JoJo" coined by Robert) loves talking about anything related to Space. He wants to work for NASA someday and maybe even build his own spaceship. He has a telescope and loves to watch the stars at night. He believes that every unanswered question on Earth, can be answered by using the galaxy as an ultimate teacher. Joe Gilbert is very mature for his age, very laid back, his teacher calls him a young theologian.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ping Fu

Ping Fu is a soft spoken youngster who likes making new friends. He has family in both China and Japan. He just moved into the nearby neighborhood and now attends Victory Elementary School with the rest of the Short Sleeves kids. He has a little sister named Ling Fu and he likes to ride and make Go Karts. At school, Ping Fu sits in between Robert and Joe Gilbert. He may not live in the same building as Robert and Joe Gilbert, but they all like to get together from time to time to hangout. Ping Fu is an excellent cook, and wants to be a Chef when he grows up. He is especially nice to Mari Wilson, whom he simply adores and calls her: Miss Wilson.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Carl is pretty much known as a laid back kind of guy, so much so, that he only wears pajamas and bunny slippers everywhere he goes, even outside and to school. Carl can play any instrument and loves putting music to words. Always a cheerful fellow, he is at his best when he's jamming to some Caribbean music in his room.